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Caged In

The Devastating Harms of Solitary Confinement on People with Physical Disabilities.

Caged In

American Civil Liberties Union. Caged In: The Devastating Harms Of Solitary Confinement On People With Physical Disabilities. New York, NY: ACLU Foundation, 2017.



“This report provides a first-ever national ACLU account of the suffering prisoners with physical disabilities experience in solitary confinement. It spotlights the dangers for blind people, Deaf people, people who are unable to walk without assistance, and people with other physical disabilities who are being held in small cells for 22 hours a day or longer, for days, months, and even years. Solitary confinement is a punishing environment that endangers the well-being of people with physical disabilities and often violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. The report’s revelations about the particular harms of solitary on people with physical disabilities shows the urgent need for far better accounting of the problems they face and the development of solutions to those problems.”



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Keywords: people with disabilities, disciplinary segregation, administrative segregation, restrictive housing, restricted housing, segregation, segregated housing, isolation, torture, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), discrimination, segregation in jails, solitary confinement in jails