Webinar – Reducing Isolation in Youth Facilities

Alternative Behavior Management Tools

Webinar –
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Center for Coordinated Assistance to States. “Reducing Isolation in Youth Facilities: Alternative Behavior Management Tools.” Webinar, June 15, 2016.

This webinar, presented by the Center for Coordinated Assistance to States on June 15, 2016, provides information about behavioral management tools that can be used as alternatives to isolation for youth (also called room confinement, room restriction, or segregation). The webinar discusses specific strategies employed by juvenile justice facilities in Indiana, Massachusetts, and Oregon that have resulted in a significant reduction in their use of isolation.

These strategies include, among others:

- Advanced Behavioral Directives;

- Components of effective behavioral management systems;

- Individual Support Plans;

- Strength-based incentive systems;

- Family engagement; and

- Crisis response teams (Crisis Awareness Response Effort, or CARE teams).

Speakers include Christine Blessinger, Executive Director of the Indiana Division of Youth Services; Peter Forbes, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services; and Nick Sotelo, Youth Development Coordinator, Facility Services, for the Oregon Youth Authority.


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Click here to view the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrator’s Toolkit for Reducing the Use of Isolation.


Keywords: CCAS, CJCA, juveniles, youth, children, alternatives to segregation, alternatives to solitary confinement, alternatives to disciplinary segregation, behavioral management tools, behavioral management strategies, disciplinary tools