Segregated Housing in Jails

North Dakota’s Norway Experiment

This 2017 article describes the 2015 trip to Norway by officials from North Dakota’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the subsequent changes made to their system including restricted housing. Read More

Report to the NYC Board of Correction

This 2013 report by the New York City Board of Correction provides a scathing picture of how solitary confinement is employed as a routine disciplinary measure on Rikers Island and in other city jails. Read More

Reducing the Use of Isolation

This Toolkit is intended to guide youth correctional administrators and their directors of institutions in changing cultures that rely on isolation as a behavior management tool. Read More

Solitary Confinement and Risk of Self-harm Among Jail Inmates

This analysis found self-harm to be associated significantly with, among other factors, being in solitary confinement at least once and serious mental illness. Because of this concern, the New York City jail system modified its practices to direct inmates with mental illness who violate rules to more clinical settings and eliminate solitary confinement for those with serious mental illness. Read More